2011 Tournament Information

 21st Annual Hawaii Invitational Lacrosse Tournament

 October 28 – 30, 2011


This packet (download PDF 2011 HILT information packet) contains basic information for interested teams about the 21st Hawaii Invitational Lacrosse Tournament. This year’s tournament will once again coincide with Halloween and we are planning a great social events calendar. So come ready to play and party with all of us in Hawaii.

Tournament Info

Friday, October 28

The weekend starts on Friday morning, when teams meet on the field at Kapiolani Park to warm up travel-weary legs.  This is an informal affair, which can be accommodated with goals and practice space provided with some advance notice.  Games start Friday afternoon, when select teams are paired for scrimmages and some divisions begin competitive play.  Generally, teams that play, will play only one game on Friday.  All teams are asked to check in at the main tent Friday afternoon to pick up registration packets and last minute details about the tournament.  The Friday evening Opening Party will be in Waikiki – check our website, www.hawaiilacrosse.com for details.

Saturday, October 29

Saturday morning games start as early as 8:30 am and run through the course of the day.  Games are played at Kapiolani Park on up to 8 fields.  On site amenities include hot food, merchandise, medical services, ice cold water during games, and full-time aloha.  Teams will play up to 2 games on Saturday, leaving plenty of time to hit the beach or explore the Island. There is no official tournament event on Saturday evening, but Honolulu has plenty of special events to check out.

Sunday, October 30

Sunday morning brings the last of the preliminary round of games.  Again, games are scheduled to begin as early as 8:30 am.  By Sunday afternoon, the finalists of each division have been settled and title games begin.  Most teams will play 2 games on Sunday.  The Championships wind down by the early evening and are followed by an awards ceremony.  But the weekend is not over yet!  Everyone is invited to the closing party at Lulu’s Waikiki – a Halloween tradition where your most outlandish costume ideas are encouraged. Tickets for the party will be available on Friday at the team check-in and all weekend long.

While none of the events described in this packet are guaranteed to take place as described, we strive to make each year better than the last.

 Games and Divisions

There will be four divisions running concurrent events:

Men’s Elite Division – games open to all representative teams receiving an invite

Men’s Masters Division – games open to invited teams with players 33 years and older

Men’s Grand Masters Division – games open to invited teams with players 44 years and older

Women’s Elite Division – games open to all representative teams receiving an invite

All Men’s and Women’s divisions will have games scheduled in a round robin format before the Championships.  Individual player registration not offered for this tournament.  Enlisting with a registered team is recommended for individual players.



Registration for all events is now open! To register your team’s interest contact division representatives:

Complete the attached Registration Form (see last page) and email copy to your division representative:

Men’s Elite Division:  elite@hawaiilacrosse.com

Men’s Masters Division:  masters@hawaiilacrosse.com

Men’s Grand Masters Division:  grandmasters@hawaiilacrosse.com

Women’s Elite Division:  women@hawaiilacrosse.com

Teams will not be confirmed until Registration Forms are received and fees are paid.  Confirmations are given on a first-paid, first-served basis.


 Team Selection

Teams will be selected based on the order in which the US Lacrosse Hawaii Chapter receives the full team fee.  Once each bracket has been filled teams may be wait-listed upon request.

Team Fee Submission

Registration fees are $1,250 per team.

Early Bird registrants pay only $1,000 when payment is received before September 1, 2011

 Please make checks for Team Registration Fees (and please include your team’s name on check) out to:

US Lacrosse Hawaii Chapter

Please mail checks for Team Registration Fees to:

US Lacrosse Hawaii Chapter

3075 Pacific Heights Road

Honolulu, HI 96813

Wait-listed teams will not have their checks cashed until they are guaranteed a divisional bracket slot.

Game Schedules

Tournament brackets will be finalized closer to the start of the tournament and will be dependant on Registration numbers and teams.

All teams will be given the opportunity to play 4 games.

The first Division Games will commence on Friday, October 28, 2011.  Championship Games will take place on Sunday, November 1, 2011.

All games will be daytime (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) as there are no lighted fields at Kapiolani Park.  Start time for each game will depend on registration numbers.  Game start times will generally not be adjusted for team preferences due to the complexity of game field management.


Tournament Game Rules

Rules:              Women: U.S. NCAA Rules

Men: International Rules

(Note: 4 long poles allowed on the field at one time)

Timing:            (2) – 20 minute running time halves

10 minute break at half time

The last 2 minutes of each game will be stop time.

A horn will sound at the end of each half.

A separate clock will keep penalty time.

Men’s and Women’s Semifinal games will be (2) – 25 minute running       halves. The last 2 minutes of each half will be stop time.

Women’s Final: (2) – 30 min halves. The last 2 minutes of each

Half will be stop time.


Men’s Elite Final: (4) – 15min quarters. The last 2 minutes of the

second and fourth quarter will be stop time.

Overtime:        Sudden victory will follow the completion of a tied game after a 2-minute break. The sudden victory period will be 4 minutes of running time with no time outs allowed. Goal defended will remain the same for the first overtime and exchanged each period thereafter. A face off will begin each period with a 1-minute break between periods.

Timeouts:        Women: One 2-min team timeout per half

Men: One 2-min team timeout per half

Timeouts will stop the play clock.

In the event of a tie (in the standings) the tie will be settled using the following format:

  1. Head-to-head record
  2. Win vs. Loss record
  3. Highest plus-minus record (overall)
  4. Lowest goals against (overall)
  5. Most goals (overall)

Note: Stats will be based on all games played, not just vs. the teams tied.


Travel and Accommodations

The US Lacrosse Hawaii Chapter has not partnered with any travel agencies at this time. Although we do not have recommendations on the particulars of your trip we do have the following tips to recommend regarding travel:

  • Book flights to Oahu Island, Honolulu International Airport (HNL).  The tournament takes place at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki.  If you fly into Maui, Kauai or Big Island it is a very long swim to get to Oahu.
  • 95% of Oahu’s hotels are located in Waikiki.  You’ll find a plethora of restaurants, bars and nightlife there.  Additionally, Kapiolani Park is just a walk or short cab ride from hotels in Waikiki.
  • 95% of Oahu’s natural beauty may be found outside of Waikiki.  There are wonderful activities, some resorts and other accommodations outside of Waikiki.
  • Many people who have not frequented the island of Oahu say the roads are not intuitive.  You may want to consider adding a GPS service to your rental car, an option now available with some rental agencies.  Otherwise you can consider using the following website for planning your trips on the bus. http://www.google.com/transit
  • The official contact people for team divisions cannot provide travel advice.  Unfortunately, travel questions directed to them will go unanswered.  Sorry!  We’re busy enough just working on the Tournament. The Internet is a great resource for travel planning, and any tournament hotel deals will be listed on www.hawaiilacrosse.com.

Mahalo nui loa!

Additional Information


Hawaii’s natural beauty is extraordinarily grand.  Mark Twain fittingly called Hawaii ‘the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.’  Hawaii consists of 124 islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Volcanic in origin, the Hawaiian Islands are high and rugged, lushly green and cut by spectacular gorges and valleys.  The beaches are beautiful, ranging from bleached white to jet-black.  The terrain is amazingly varied, climbing from lowland deserts to alpine mountaintops, with everything from barren lava flows to tropical rainforest found in between.

Hawaii is the world’s most isolated archipelago, 2,500 miles from the nearest landmass.  Its isolation is so great that of the thousands of species of flora and fauna that have evolved here, over 90% exist nowhere else on earth.


The Island of Oahu

Oahu has been nicknamed “The Gathering Place.”  The island is home to 950,000 people – nearly 75% of the state’s population.  It is an urban scene with highways, high-rises and crowds, but despite all its development, in terms of scenic beauty, Oahu holds its own.  You can find Hawaii’s top surfing action on Oahu’s North Shore, the most visited snorkelling spot in the islands at Hanauma Bay and world-class windsurfing conditions at windward Kailua.

Honolulu is a modern city with an intriguing blend of Eastern and Western influences.  Honolulu has the only royal palace in the USA, fine city beaches and parks and some great hilltop views.  The city is also a diner’s delight, with an amazing array of restaurants.

Oahu can be the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit.  It’s the only one you can get around easily without your own transport thanks to the inexpensive, island-wide bus system.  Oahu also has some of Hawaii’s cheapest accommodations, including a handful of hostels and YMCAs.


In Honolulu the average daily maximum temperature is 84 deg F (28.9 deg C) and the minimum is 70 deg F (21.1 deg C).  Waikiki has a very small average annual rainfall of 25 inches making it an ideal locale for the world’s most phenomenal lacrosse tournament.


See and Do on Oahu Island

The 2011 Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational Team Members and their travel companions can choose from an endless range of leisure attractions and activities in the Honolulu region.  Not only can you find beaches for swimming and sun, surfing, bodysurfing snorkelling and boogie boarding, but you can also find spots to skydive, windsurf, scuba dive,, kayak, hike, bike, golf and ride horseback.  Add to that the myriad cultural excursions that are at your feet and you’ll be amazed at what a trip this tournament can turn into.   We think you’ll agree the activities to round out your trip for you and your family are endless.



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